CoSentry Delivers Custom Cyber Security Solutions

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The full integration of technology services into business activities has fueled an astonishing rise in productivity over the past four decades. Now businesses are seeking to enhance profitability through expanded automation and leaner IT architectures. But are these decisions that seek to improve marginal costs in technology operations being supported by full awareness of the profound impact they have on overall business risk?

To help address this complex issue, a CoSentry has partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton to provide innovative and powerful services to examine your true business risk posture relative to cyber security and develop a remediation plan customized to your specific architecture and business environment.

Booz Allen Hamilton has been a leading global technology consultant for nearly 100 years. Their unparalleled leadership in Cyber Security across defense and national intelligence services means that they come to the table with comprehensive understanding of the cyber threat landscape. CoSentry is your trusted Data Center and Colocation partner and industry leader in implementation of secure technology and resiliency services.

The cyber security risk is real and the consequences can be catastrophic. In 2010, the average total cost of a data breach was reported to be $7.2M. Among breaches caused by a third party lapse, the losses are even higher, averaging about $10.2M. A naive risk assessment might associate outsourcing data services with transferring the associated risk of a breach – however, only about 30% of a breach cost is associated with direct response actions that may be transferable. The bulk of the cost is from lost business and other indirect consequences that cannot be effectively transferred. Managing this risk is not a just technology or security matter, it is core to the very solvency of the business.

The Cyber Security Strategies service employs validated quantitative algorithms that permit deep insight into business risk from cyber threats with only a modest investment of time and resources required. It answers today’s questions of whom should I be concerned about, what should I be looking for, what objectives are at risk and to what degree? More importantly, it develops waypoints of solutions to where you want to get tomorrow that are optimized for ROI within your business values and priorities.

“In Cyber Security Strategies, we connect the oft-missing linkages between corporate objectives, business operations, and technology security that offer the keys to credibility in developing real insight into critical risk elements and validated remedies.”
–Mark Himler, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

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