Could FIFA 14 Result in Call of Duty-Like Sales?

Source: EA PR

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Could FIFA 14 become even bigger than Call of Duty? If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, “not likely!” But if EA has its way, it will be.

In recent comments with MCV, EA Sports Executive Sebastian Enrique set the bar pretty high for the upcoming title.

“I respect Konami a lot and they produce good games. A lot of people have played their games for ages,” Enrique stated, according to Digital Spy. He continued, “I think having competition is a good thing but we don’t consider competition to just be Pro Evolution Soccer. Call of Duty is also competition.”

Enrique also discussed exceeding “everyone’s expectations,” commenting, “People that are playing Call of Duty are not playing FIFA. We want them to play FIFA and we want to achieve that by creating the best possible game that we can create.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops II sold 7.5 million copies within the first day of its release. The last FIFA game was launched in September of last year.