Court Denies Apple’s Request To Ban The Sales Of Samsung Devices In The U.S

Court Denies Apple's Request To Ban The Sales Of Samsung Devices In The U.S(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – As the war between Apple and Samsung carries on, Apple’s latest setback comes from a ruling on Thursday rejecting the request to permanently ban the selling of 23 older model smartphone and tablets from the South Korean company.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied the mobile giant’s request, saying Apple did not have enough proof to show that its patented features were being used by Samsung, states a report from PCWorld.

“The Court concludes that Apple simply has not met its burden of proof to warrant an injunction,” Kohn wrote. “To persuade the Court to grant Apple such an extraordinary injunction—to bar such complex devices for incorporating three touchscreen software features—Apple bears the burden to prove that these three touchscreen software features drive consumer demand for Samsung’s products. Apple has not met this burden.”

The features in question include all touch screen capabilities such as pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom, and the “snap back” patent.

Early rulings have ruled in favor of Apple in which Samsung has awarded the company around a $1 billion in damages.