cPanel Conference 2012 Highlights: Whole Lot of Knowledge & Fun!

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Class is no longer in session – cPanel’s annual 2012 conference officially wrapped up yesterday in Houston, Texas. However, for attendees, knowledge taken away from the event could prove invaluable in a hosting industry increasingly dominated by the popular control panel provider.

What’s up with cPanel Nowadays?

One of the event’s highlights came when two cPanel rock stars provided insight into what’s currently going on at the company. In a speech delivered towards an enthusiastic crowd, cPanel CEO Nick Koston described a company making waves in the industry, notably being used on a widespread scale. He, however, saw room for improvement, especially in new development projects.

The company recently made a major investment in popular billing platform WHMC, and that was something Koston made sure to elaborate on. The CEO emphasized tighter integration between cPanel’s hosting control panel and WHMCS. The two will remain two separate entities.

Total Server Solutions and others join in on the exhibiting fun

cPanel Senior VP of Operations Aaron Phillips was also on hand. Hitting the stage, he discussed cPanel-backed programs including the company’s cPanel University, allowing hosting providers to get certified in the company’s technical specifications. Also covered was the company’s promotion of industry partners (with cPanel Partner NOC Director) along with receiving more input from clients via feature requests.

“The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Is Nothing,” Says SerInt’s Dawson

In another keynote speech, Servint CEO Steven Dawson discussed the recently formed Internet Infrastructure Coalition – an organization made to safeguard against legislation that could have a profoundly negative effect on the internet’s economy. Dawson’s urged participants to make their voices heard on a number of issues, notably copyright law.

Attendees Got Geeky with Games

The event didn’t just involve a serious tone. Attendees had a chance for some fun. Trustwave sponsored an arcade room featuring Pac Man, pinball and a ping pong table. Ping! Zine’s own Derek Morris called it an “awesome new addition.”

Get Social!

cPanel Strategic Partner Manager Mario Rodriguez discusses social media

cPanel Strategic Partner Manager Mario Rodriguez, meanwhile, talked up the importance of social media and the role it plays in developing customer relationships. During the presentation, Rodriguez urged participants to listen, learn and engage users through platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. He also emphasized the importance of deepening one’s social presence by being repetitive with contact information, offering incentives to stay engaged, keeping clients informed and more.

The Dash for Cache & the cP Store

The cP Store: Attendees used cP Cache to buy some blingin’ items.

Attendees got some serious cPanel bling via the event’s Dash for Cache. QR codes were hidden throughout the conference at a variety of locations including the exhibitor hall, session rooms and hallways. Attendees searched, found and scanned them, thus earning points to be redeemed for cP cache at the registration booth.

cP cache was accepted at the cP Store which featured products such as hats, shirts, bags, sunglasses, wallets, headphones and a whole lot more. “Once your pockets are overflowing with Cache, head over to the cPanel store, and shop ‘till you drop!”, cPanel directed visitors in the event guide during the conference,” the company directed attendees in the event’s information guide.

Thunder Always Strikes at cPanel

cPanel developer “Thunder Bolt” Dan Muey

cPanel developer “Thunder Bolt” Dan Muey moderated cPanel’s annual Lightning Talks. Volunteers were allowed to present on educational topics for no more than five minutes. There were some interesting one liners. Ping! Zine’s Derek Morris was on hand to take note:

  • “If it’s not fun, well, it will all be over in five minutes.” –  Dan (Opening Comments)
  • “Please, for the love of God, just make a new cPanel Account – Nate (Add-On Domains in cPanel)
  • “Three reasons to offer a website builder. One: new customer acquisition. Two: retention. Three: Increase average revenue per user.” – Chris (Offering Your Customers a Website Builder)
  • “Pull the chord. Now you’re doing the Lawnmower!” – Vinne (BDM – Bad Dance Moves)
  • “My first encounter with a tree roach (after moving to Houston). I walked into my room and felt that someone was watching me. My Jedi Mind Power or my Spidy Senses were tingling!” – Dany (On Houston)
  • “I’m going to guess that most people here are Geeks.” – Nate (Add-On Domains in cPanel)
  • “The Seated Typewriter Expert Level: Not recommended for those baring child or with back problems.” Vinne (BDM – Bad Dance Moves)
  • “It’s OK to say Chuck Norris jokes. You will survive!” – Dan (Closing Comments)

Networking was a key element at cPanel Conference 2012

There was also an opportunity for attendees to get cPanel certified with tests covering things like system commands and Perl. In addition to that, attendees received certification in just how to resell their hosting platforms featuring cPanel control panels.

Big Industry Players

Just some of the sponsors and exhibitors participating included companies such as SoftLayer, OnApp, CloudLinux, Spam Experts, Hostgator, ServerHub and more.