cPanel Conference 2012: Lightning Talks One Liners!

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Lightning always seems to strike at the cPanel Conference, and this year’s event was no different. Today, cPanel held another round of its electrifying open mic session, Lightning Talks. The session was moderated by cPanel Developer, “Thunder Bolt” Dan Muey, and allowed any attendee to present an educational topic of their choice (no advertisements) for only five minutes. Once the five minutes expires, a giant gong is rung.

Ping! Zine was on hand to witness the brave geeks who dared to step up to the microphone, and decided to post some great one liner’s from the session.

“If it’s not fun, well, it will all be over in five minutes.” –  Dan (Opening Comments)

“Please, for the love of God, just make a new cPanel Account – Nate (Add-On Domains in cPanel)

“Three reasons to offer a website builder. One: new customer acquisition. Two: retention. Three: Increase average revenue per user.” – Chris (Offering Your Customers a Website Builder)

“Pull the chord. Now you’re doing the Lawnmower!” – Vinne (BDM – Bad Dance Moves)

“My first encounter with a tree roach (after moving to Houston). I walked into my room and felt that someone was watching me. My Jedi Mind Power or my Spidy Senses were tingling!” – Dany (On Houston)

“I’m going to guess that most people here are Geeks.” – Nate (Add-On Domains in cPanel)

“The Seated Typewriter Expert Level: Not recommended for those baring child or with back problems.” Vinne (BDM – Bad Dance Moves)

“It’s OK to say Chuck Norris jokes. You will survive!” – Dan (Closing Comments)