cPanel Conference 2013: And the Future of Web Hosting is…

cPanel Conference 2013: And the Future of Web Hosting is...(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Running opposite of yesterday, Wednesday at cPanel Conference 2013 took an insightful look at the future of web hosting. And while nothing is sure to be guaranteed, a consensus appeared to have been reached by some tech industry vets at the event.

So what’s the future of web hosting? If you were thinking cloud (and we do admit it is a big part of the industry), there’s actually a different answer: Simplicity.

Let’s admit it: Web hosting won’t ever be as sexy as the latest Apple iPhone debut or a new Xbox game. However, it’ll remain even more important in terms of how we operate the internet on a daily basis. Hosting simply powers the web.

And while hosters throw out lots of terms like VPS, dedicated, virtualization and yes, even cloud, in today’s age, it’s increasingly important to simplify the concept of hosting for the end user.

“It’s always been the case in any industry, as soon as you get together as a company and start discussing something, you start to create industry terms. But very quickly after that, you can’t talk to your friends and family about it anymore because they don’t know what these terms mean,” emphasized Wednesday’s keynote speaker Peter Pollock, author of Web Hosting for Dummies.

Pollock continued, “Our customers are stuck not knowing the things we find extremely basic. We try talking in simple language to them, but we’re actually talking way above their heads. We might as well be talking Klingon.” “Our responsibility is to find ways to make hosting understandable for people. If you help your customers to understand, they will stay with you.”

Later in the day, the theme of simplicity was further elaborated on during a panel discussion by representatives from companies including SingleHop, OnApp, and Demand Media. “I think all these products are gonna become irrelevant. Whether you’re talking about dedicated, VPS or shared, I think it’s going to boil down to an actual approach as compared to a service. As a customer, I don’t care if I’m on a dedicated or virtualized server, as long as my site is online,” explained GoDaddy’s Ben Gabler.

Meanwhile, SingleHop’s Dan Ushman seemed to share the sentiment while elaborating further. “It’s not about packages or specs. It’s about getting a website up. On the infrastructure side, people have diverse needs. They’re confused about the concept of cloud. I think flexibility is key. Offering dedicated  and public cloud and letting them work together…that’s a powerful thing. The buzzword is hybrid. I think that’s where it’s going,” Ushman told attendees.

“Web hosting is no longer an entry point. Look at website builders and domains, something you can sell on top of hosting and making it become a necessity to an SMB. I think that’s the direction the industry’s starting to head towards,” commented Gabler.

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