cPanel Expands to South American Market

(Ping! Zine) – cPanel announced that it will now expand its success and brand name to the South-American region via its Fast Update service with HostDime’s data center in Brazil. The recent growth in this area, backed by support from HostDime, represents one of the business decisions that will allow cPanel to support new and emerging markets.

HostDime’s director of business development, Usman Arshad, expressed his excitement about working with cPanel in South America.

“HostDime has had major growth in South America over the last four years, and we look forward to continuing the strong, unbreakable bond that we have with cPanel,” Arshad said.

cPanel’s Fast Update service is a feature offered by many of the company’s top partners. It is also one of the core building blocks to assist data centers in the South-American region with faster installations and updates.

Rather than having to find connections to mirror servers, cPanel Partner NOC’s are provided with a locally-housed server that can be used to provide updates to their cPanel/WHM and Enkompass servers. Not only does the Fast Update services use cPanel proprietary technology to find the closest mirror–but it also uses an internal algorithm to select the most suitable mirror for the fastest data transmission.

cPanel system administrator Adam Wien said he was pleased with the expansion because it would increase the speed of installs and updates by 400-percent.

“The Fast Update network of servers is also critical because it lowers transit costs for both, cPanel and its customers,” Wien added.

The faster installations and upgrades translate to fewer service interruptions for the partners’ clients. The faster install and upgrade times ultimately reduce bandwidth costs for data centers and allow providers and customers to reallocate their resources to other web hosting areas.

cPanel vice president of operations Aaron Phillips discussed cPanel’s commitment to providing world-wide services to Partner NOC’s.

“In addition to our expansions into South America, our ongoing efforts also include plans for Spanish-speaking technical support, product translations, and website efforts,” Phillips added.