cPanel & WHM 11.32 Unveiled for RELEASE Tier

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Popular web hosting control panel provider cPanel recently unveiled the latest version of the platform cPanel & WHM. Version 11.32 is now available in its release tier and provides for a variety of upgraded features.

One of the most noticeable changes is a redesigned interface for the login screen. Added are localized options and the ability for cPanel & WHM to automatically defer to your browser’s default language.

In the area of mail functionality, cPanel has provided users with the ability to “search the mail queue” and multi-manage messages.

Also new to the platforms is a way for users to troubleshoot the messaging process, offering Mail Delivery Reports and Email Trace for cPanel and WHM respectively.

cPanel recently took lengths to expand compatibility for a number of solutions, most notably for delivery verification platform DKIM. “We are proud to get DKIM integrated into the product. This is something the customers asked for and we listened,” commented cPanel & WHM Project Manager Ken Power in a press release regarding the matter.

And don’t forget the bug fixes. With version 11.32, cPanel has corrected a total of 202 known errors.

Meanwhile, other changes include the availability of the Logaholic web analytics bundle, support for MySQL 5.5 and more. cPanel & WHM 11.32 was previously made available in EDGE tier in mid-February. To view an entire list of changes in version 11.32, visit cPanel here (