cPanel’s Automation Bootcamp: October 10-12 in Austin, TX

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – With the perfect mix of high level networking, extreme learning, and serious business development, Automation Bootcamp brings together a unique mix of technical executives, those who wish to master their automation expertise, and those brand new to the industry.

Automation Bootcamp, our annual cPanel Conference, arose out of a need to provide training to users of the cPanel Automation software. Over the years the conference has organically grown into an event bringing together high level technical engineers, decision makers, those motivated to grow their data centers and hosting businesses, or simply to expand their knowledge base.

Holding true to the spirit of education, while having as much fun as we can, cPanel staff and experts from around the world gather to provide what many consider one of the years best events. With the average attendee base having grown to nearly 400+ visitors, this years cPanel Conference will provide outstanding training, one-of-a-kind networking, and engaging evening events.


The success factor for Automation Bootcamp is two fold. The cPanel & WHM product provides a familiar web hosting experience for a large percentage of the web hosted world wide. cPanel & WHM is a highly sought after product leveraging more web hosting account sales, deploying more blogs, filling up more data centers, and providing more user friendly automation than any other piece of software in the web hosting industry. The second equally important factor is the community behind the product. Small, medium, and large web hosting companies remain passionate about the evolution of cPanel’s automation software. We firmly believe that in order to build great software we must continue to have a team committed to implementing new features, providing distinctively exceptional support, and actively pursuing the desires and concerns of customers and partners.

Automation Bootcamp consistently delivers by using these key success factors and staying focused throughout the years.


If this is your first time attending, sponsoring, or exhibiting at the cPanel Conference it’s important to note that education is our focus. Be prepared to teach. We’re sure you have a great product, stellar elevator pitch, and shiny presentation covering the features and benefits of your product or service, but thats not why we’re here. Successful marketing at the cPanel Conference starts with the intent to share knowledge, teach attendees, and openly provide information thats both useful and interesting.


Monday, Oct. 9, 8:30-11:30 p.m.

You’ll want to make sure you bring your business cards, sunglasses, and best poker face to our eclectic opening reception. Casino Night- Don’t Gamble With the Cloud! will be complete with Craps, Blackjack, Texas Hold’Em, and Roulette tables. Let’s hope lady luck is on your side because attendees will be playing to win cPCache! Every one will have an opportunity to win cPCache. Attendees who check in for cPanel Conference prior to Casino Night will also be awarded with cPCache. Check out the conference agenda for attendee check-in times. Learn more about cPCache and the cPStore below.


Check Back With Us Soon For More Details….You Won’t Want to Miss This

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 8:30 p.m.- they kick us out

The cPanel marketing team is still pulling together the details for this. Here is a clue to peak your interest… Intergalactic!


— Sponsored by SoftLayer

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 8:30 p.m.-midnight

We feel that this event’s title is pretty self explanatory. Enjoy Austin’s famous 6th Street with us as we tour a selection on interesting and unique bars. We guarantee you’ll have a blast and make some new friends. And attendee’s who complete our Automation Bootcamp bar circuit will leave with a cool collector’s item to remember the night. Be sure to book your flights accordingly as last year we caused a frenzy with disappointed guests leaving on Wednesday who couldn’t rebook flights. We highly suggest a departure of Thursday and just to be safe pick an afternoon flight!


Back by popular demand, the cPStore 3.0 allows attendees to earn cPCache (the official currency of the cPanel Conference) through interacting with exhibitors, attending sessions, and participating in various events. Once you’ve acquired bags o’ cPCache, simply head on over to the cPanel Store during the conference and purchase some kick-ass cPanel Conference keepsake items.

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