CPWebHosting Technology Group Develops New E-mail App

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – CPWebHosting Technology Group, a trusted and reliable source for business hosting services, has recently developed a helpful e-mail feature that will inform senders when an e-mail is received by delivering a notification message that gives the location, time opened, and length of time an e-mail spent open.

Now, CPWebHosting clients can consistently retrieve information regarding where an e-mail is opened, how long, and how many times the e-mail was opened with this fully featured reporting tool, which uses the client’s POP3 password for protection.

Take advantage of this e-mail feature with any one of CPWebHosting’s low cost solutions with packages suited to fit any level of needs. Find business hosting for one website with their standard Monthly Hosting plan, which stores up to 100 MB of disk space and 5,000 MB of bandwidth for only $2.75. Or, purchase their Business Pro plan to store up to 10,000 MB of disk space and 10,000 MB of bandwidth for up to 25 websites.

CPWebHosting services can be activated without the need to install software plugins or active X. It works directly within an already established hosting account and is compatible with any e-mail client that is currently in use.

About CPWebHosting

CPWebHosting has provided business hosting solutions since 2002 at very affordable prices. The company is based out of Florida and has offices located in India. With high end datacenters, the company has been providing high quality hosting services for small businesses and individuals.

For more information about CPWebHosting and their 100% guaranteed reliable web hosting services go to http://www.CPWebHosting.com or e-mail Jim Partner at jimcpweb(at)gmail(dot)com.