Create Artsy Facebook Profile Pictures

(Mitchelaneous) – Want to make your Facebook profile pictures a little more fancy? With, this is really easy to do.  All you need to do is plug your picture into their website and then publish to Facebook.  No Photoshop techniques to remember or measurements to be made.

The way this usually works is you post a picture that is roughly measured out by the rule of thirds, meaning that your subject (being yourself) is shoved to the far left of the photo – while the rest of the photo gives you background.  This way, you also will not be stuck with half a face or part of your forehead when it comes to creating your thumbnail for your profile picture.

The only thing ask for in return is that you keep the “made with” in the bottom of your main profile picture. 

To give it a shot and play with it, head on over to

Blog post by Mitch Keeler