Creating a LinkedIn Company Page for Small Business

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Do you have a personal profile on LinkedIn but not one for your small business?  The professional networking site is now becoming a popular place for information gathering and sharing. LinkedIn company pages are great for small business because of their design features.

In order to create a LinkedIn company page, you must already have a personal profile. After you have one, you click on the “Companies” tab and select “Add a Company.” The only information you need in order to create a company page is a domain-specific email address. For example, yourname As long as you already have your website set up, this should be a simple step.

Next, you will fill out your profile with information about your company, specialties, location, website address, type of company, industry, and company size.  Each tab on your company page will have different information. The home tab is where an introduction to your business is located, along with any content you share. Friends and colleagues who are connected to the business will also appear on the home tab. The second tab is a paid subscription tab where your small business can post career opportunities.

Products and services is the third tab on your company page. On this page you can display up to 25 products and services. When a viewer clicks on the tab, product or service recommendations from members will show up. This is a great feature for small business owners because it is essentially built-in positive reviews from other users.

The fourth tab is Insights which is where employee information is available. The fifth and sixth tabs are viewable only to you as the page administrator. This is where you can review information about followers, impressions, page clicks and unique visitors.

LinkedIn pages are beneficial to small business because they tell your company’s story, highlight products and services, share career opportunities and give you an additional opportunity to engage with customers.

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