Creating Effective Product Descriptions for Your Website – Part 1

Creating Effective Product Descriptions for Your Website - Part 1(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Let’s say you have spent a lot of time and invested a lot of resources into making your website perfect. The design elements are attractive, the navigation is user-friendly, and your customers have no problem finding your site in a search. From a brand awareness perspective, your website is already a success, but from a sales perspective, you have one more important step. An effective description written for each of your products on the website could be the difference between a converted sale and lost business. In this article we will touch on a selection of elements that make up a great product description.

1. Distinctive Descriptions – Unless you only specialize in selling one product, each of the descriptions for your products should be unique. This way, your products can be easily differentiated from one another, and search engines won’t react negatively to your website for being repetitive (if the same text is used for multiple products, Google will punish you). You will also want your products to stand out individually from all of the others. Position each of your products as the solution to a specific problem your customers might be having, and it will help them make the right choice.

2. Consistent Style – Even though you want each of your products to have an individual description, you still want to maintain a consistent style in the way you create it. Use the same tone, the same font and length, and even the same way you present the information (bulleted lists, testimonials, etc.). This will make the descriptions easier to read for your audience. It is also important to consider your brand’s overall messaging to be sure you are sticking to the same style. This will promote brand recognition as your audience visits multiple product pages.

3. Answer “Why?” – Many businesses will write lengthy product descriptions explaining exactly “what” their product does, but don’t spend a lot of effort explaining “why” a customer should make the purchase. In addition to explaining every feature about your product line, you should be explaining to your customers why those features are important, and why they will help them solve their own needs.

Check back later today for three more tips for creating excellent product descriptions on your website.

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