Customers Didn’t Budget For Windows Server 2003 End of Support, Survey Says

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Most enterprises still running Windows Server 2003 did not budget for migrating off the soon-to-be-unsupported operating system, and more than two thirds of planned migrations have yet to begin or are in the early definition stage, according to the latest data fromAppZero. A recent study involving AppZero’s more than 100 systems integrators working directly with customers on Windows Server 2003 mitigations indicates some 50% of customers have no budget to migrate enterprise applications, while approximately 42% said they will move applications to the cloud and/or lock them down by adding a security layer in an attempt to lower risk. Windows 2003 servers face increased cybersecurity risks because Microsoft will no longer issue security updates after the end of support period next week.

AppZero conducts a”State of Readiness for Windows Server 2003 End of Support” survey, now in its third year, as well as frequent polling surveys, including this most recent update conducted on June 18. The company specializes in moving enterprise server applications to new platforms including the cloud, partnering with leading system integrators and CSPs including Amazon, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Softbank C&S and Unisys. These and other AppZeropartnershave a deep understanding of what enterprises are facing in moving off Windows Server 2003.

“With zero time left many enterprises have chosen to delay remediating or migrating,” said AppZero CEO Greg O’Connor. O’Connor said some larger enterprises are attempting to extend support via a Custom Support Agreement from Microsoft, but this option is unrealistic for small to medium businesses (SMBs) because of high cost, as well as for larger companies that face moving thousands of applications before the CSA expires. Isolating machines by adding security is another option that requires complex and costly validation to protect isolation approaches and doesn’t help modernize infrastructure, he said. “You can always try to pay money to remediate risk, but in the long run,modernizing, consolidating, relocating and or moving mission critical applications are going to better serve the enterprise,” O’Connor said.

Key findings of the most recent AppZero survey:

  • When asked why customers are not moving their applications off Windows Server 2003, 50% said they have no budget, 19% said they do not plan to move, 13% said they are locking down servers, and 19% said they will move or have moved applications to the cloud
  • 25% said they will start migrations in the second half of 2015, 33% have started migrations, and 42% said they are in the assessment stage
  • When ask the about how many machines are going to be retired (shut off or replaced by new purchased or written in house) most (53%) did not know. This makes sense because many projects are still undertaking discovery or have yet to start.

About AppZero: AppZero ( is the fastest, most flexible way to move server applications to and across any cloud or datacenter, without code change or lock-in. Encapsulating Windows applications in VM/OS-free packages, AppZero’s patented software moves complex server applications with ease. AppZero allows you to move from an old OS to a newer one, with the click of a button – modernize and move to the cloud in one step.