Cyber 9/11 Could be Imminent, DHS Secretary Warns

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The U.S. government is continuing to warn of dangerous implications that a widespread cyber attack could cause.

The latest indication came from U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who was most recently a speaker at Washington’s Wilson Center.

“We shouldn’t wait until there is a 9/11 in the cyber world. There are things we can and should be doing right now that, if not prevent, would mitigate the extent of damage,” she remarked, according to a Reuters report.

Napolitano also signaled such an attack could “imminently happen.” Her remarks follow similar ones made other government officials including outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who in October warned of a “Cyber Pearl Harbor.”

The DHS secretary noted the increasing severity. “Attacks are coming all the time. They are coming from different sources, they take different forms. But they are increasing in seriousness and sophistication,” she noted, according to Reuters.

President Barack Obama has also weighed in on the issue. “So far, no one has managed to seriously damage or disrupt our critical infrastructure networks. But foreign governments, criminal syndicates and lone individuals are probing our financial, energy and public safety systems every day,” Obama previously wrote in the opinion section of the Wall Street Journal.

An executive order could soon be implemented pertaining to cyber security issues soon. The possible move follows Congress’s failure to successfully pass a cyber security bill in 2012.