Cyber PR and Crowdfunding Expert Reveals Modern Social Media Rules for Creative Entrepreneurs

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Ariel Hyatt, president of Cyber PR, spent the last two decades studying, practicing and educating audiences on effective social media marketing. She saw the influence the internet would have on brands and on bottom lines long before social media was mainstream.

“Social media is a science and must be part of all business plans but it is still deeply misunderstood. It can be confounding and overwhelming,” explains Hyatt. “To be impactful, social media needs strategy. With my guidance, our Cyber PR clients have found success with social media marketing, and now they have the confidence and skills to effectively execute on their own.”

An entrepreneur who embraces challenge, Hyatt foresaw the changes this uncharted medium would bring to business, including her own. She pivoted her traditional public relations firm to become a digital tactical team, and blended the complex worlds of online and direct-to-consumer marketing, with social media. The newest tool she has added to her Cyber PR arsenal is crowdfunding, which she stresses is the eventual pay-day for great social media behavior.

“I see crowdfunding as the new advance book publishers and record labels are no longer offering. Small business loans from banks are next to impossible to secure for the creative class, and VC money is only for those with huge scalable ideas,” she says. Of course, crowdfunding, which must be mastered, can be used for numerous ways in which to subsidize your dream. In fact, Hyatt successfully executed her own crowdfunding campaign. She exceeded her monetary goal while realizing a void in the market. Cyber PR now offers crowdfunding education as the next frontier to clients.

A best-selling Amazon author, Hyatt will release her fourth book in spring 2015. Tentatively titled Crowdstart, this upcoming book is a step-by-step guide to exactly what you need to do to complete a successful crowdfunding campaign.  The information is extracted not only from Hyatt’s own experience, but also from many of the successful crowdfunding campaigns through which she has coached her clients.

Hyatt is also a software developer. She built a proprietary dashboard platform that runs her digital marketing firm, Cyber PR. Through this, clients can monitor the success of campaign progress.  This takes the smoke and mirrors aspect away from the process and holds her agency accountable.

Hyatt’s groundbreaking advice for clients and company growth through social media marketing has proven so successful that it’s now part of a sought-after college curriculum that is available in several colleges and universities.

A charismatic and inspiring speaker, Hyatt can further discuss the following:

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  • The best platforms for marketing your small business in 2015
  • How to jumpstart an idling brand or create one from the ground up
  • Why “Do what you love and the money will follow” is the worst advice to receive
  • Social Media Food Pyramid – Ariel’s guide to effective social media nourishment
  • The most effective way to increase a fan base
  • How to plan your 12 month social media strategy-calendar for 2015

Ariel Hyatt is a businesswoman, published author, professional speaker, educator and a social media and marketing performance expert. She has impacted audiences in the tens of thousands with her simple goal: reprogram the way entrepreneurs think about social marketing.  A veteran speaker, she has presented all over the world and also hosts a YouTube series called, Sound Advice. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.  For more info visit or connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.