CyberAgent Releases “STF-Smartphone Test Farm”, System for Testing Android Devices as Open Source

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – CyberAgent, Inc. (TSE:4751) has developed “STF-Smartphone Test Farm,” a system for testing all terminals, including the latest model of Android, from a browser, and will make it an open source. This system can be used in both Japanese and English.

It is said that there exist 1.6 billion smartphones in the world and top 875 models occupy 87%*. The opportunities for users to use smartphones have been diversified, and the functions of smartphones have become multifaceted accordingly. It is expected that the number of smartphone models will keep increasing and the burden on service developers will get heavier accordingly.

“STF-Smartphone Test Farm” is a system that enables app developers to test the displays on over 170 models of terminals, including the latest model of Android, easily from their browsers. With this system, it is possible to remotely control several devices on a browser, to check the designs of developed apps and websites at the same time, and obtain system logs as a list on a real-time basis, to debug them efficiently. In addition, it is possible to install an app (.APK file format) easily with “drag & drop” and run a remote shell command*2 of an actual device.

CyberAgent is actively operating the services for smartphones, and swiftly creating many smartphone-related businesses and services, the business proposal contents among directors “Ashita Kaigi (Tomorrow Meeting),” etc. “We are very delighted to release STF as an improvement method in the speed and accuracy of debugging which is the most important for app developers,” said Masahide Koike, Managing Director of CyberAgent. “We hope that the development of the system as an open source will contribute to the growth of the industry.”

* From the latest report of the mobile device analysis firm Flurry under the umbrella of Yahoo
*2 A remote shell command means the operation of an actual device with a PC.

– Outline of the functions of “STF-Smartphone Test Farm”

— Remote control of actual Android terminals with a smartphone or a PC
— Easy URL browsing
— Acquisition of real time logs of each terminal in a website
— Installation of an app (.APK file format) with “drag & drop”
— Several terminals can be operated at the same time.
— The system can be linked with Android Studio and Eclipse.
— All commands sent to Android terminals can be used from a browser.
— Supported OS (as of June 30, 2015): Android 2.3~5.1, Preview M, Wear 5.1, Fire OS etc. (The number of the supported OS is increasing because of open source.)

– Commemorating the release of the system as an open source, a briefing session will be held.

Commemorating the release of “STF-Smartphone Test Farm” as an open source, we will hold a briefing session. On that date, the developers of this service will explain the detailed contents of the product, the behind-the-scene stories of development, and future plans.

Overview of the event

Title: CAOS 2015 Summer “Development of tools for streamlining development as open sources”
Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Site: Seminar Room A on the 13th floor of Shibuya Mark City West
Time: open at 19:00, to be started at 19:30
Participants: CyberAgent “STF-Smartphone Test Farm” Development Team and other
Fee: free
How to apply:


Smartphone Test Farm
CAOS 2015 Summer “Development of tools for streamlining development as open sources”