CyberBunker Gets a Taste of its Own Med?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – After supposedly supporting DDoS, a web host may now be getting hit by DDoS: The latest drama in an ongoing incident involving Dutch provider CyberBunker and anti-spam firm Spamhaus played out Thursday as a report from noted CyberBunker’s website was downed.

The two sides have been exchanging accusations after Spamhaus recently added the web host to its blocklists, accusing CyberBunker of supporting spam.

In retaliation, Spamhaus accused Cyberbunker of launching a DDoS attack against it, described by some as the “largest in the internet’s history.” The incident was so big – it was said to have caused general internet slowdowns, even affecting user connections to Netflix.

CNET previously reported the DDoS attack faced by Spamhaus was 300 gibabits per second; that’s also said to be six times larger than other attacks.

DDoS attacks often make use of bot networks, redirecting large amounts of systems to targeted websites, thus overwhelming them with traffic.

CyberBunker, meanwhile, has denied any role in coordinated attacks against Spamhaus. “Well, it’s not us, it’s a group of Internet providers which goes under the name It’s basically a collective of a lot of people and Internet providers, and they’ve had previous issues or current issues with Spamhaus,” commented CyberBunker representative Kamphuis in Information Week’s report.

The web host has accused Spamhaus of supporting censorship. CyberBunker hosts its servers in a former Cold War bunker and maintains it hosts anything excluding child porn and things related to terrorism.