CyberBunker VS. Spamhaus: DDoS Suspect ‘Not Worried’

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A primary suspect in what many have described as the biggest DDoS attack in online history is now denying their involvement.

According to a report from Computer Weekly, Sven Kamphuis recently discussed the matter. Kamphuis is employed by web host CyberBunker. “I’m not worried. We haven’t done anything wrong and I am not in the Netherlands,” he commented, according to British paper the Telegraph.

A major DDoS attack was launched against anti-spam firm Spamhaus after the company added CyberBunker to its blocklists, accusing it of taking part in spam itself. Many have viewed CyberBunker as launching the attacks as a matter of retaliation.

An investigation into the incident has been launched. The attack itself was said to be 300 gigabits per second in strength, noted news site CNET.

According to a previous report from the New York Times, Kamphuis described himself as the “minister of telecommunications and foreign affairs for the Republic of CyberBunker.”