Cybersecurity Specialists Work to Secure Olympics

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazne) – Exactly what kind of security infrastructure goes into hosting this year’s Olympics in London?

Possible cyber-attacks could potentially hinder key services for the world’s largest sporting event, whether they pertain to broadcasting, transactions or other areas. And to prevent that, Atos, the company behind the security for the games has kept busy testing systems to make sure they succeed in keeping things stable.

Atos Chief Integrator Michele Hyron recently discussed cybersecurity at the games in a report from the Associated Press, and the kind of testing it’s been carrying out. “We are using ethical hackers for that, we are using external companies, we are using people from our own company who are specialized in that kind of activity,” commented Hyron in the AP report.

And a wide-spectrum of security issues could be at play. “We are preparing ourselves in terms of testing to cover all the kind of threats to the Olympic Games,” emphasized Hyron.

What kind of hack could wreak havoc on the Olympic Games? According to Atos Executive VP Patrick Adiba who discussed the issue with the AP as well, such an event could include the display of “politically-motivated messages” on the game’s scoreboards.

While cybersecurity threats may not top everyone’s list of key concerns at the games (terrorism is the scariest threat), it remains a pivotal issue for those looking to keep the event stable. The 2012 Olympics are set to begin on July 27.