Dashlane Launches Password Defense Alert

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Dashlane, the world’s leading password manager, announces the launch of Dashlane Password Defense Alert, a groundbreaking program companies use to help their customers proactively manage their digital identity after data loss incidents. This industry-first solution brings the same security provided by credit monitoring to online logins and passwords.

While businesses of any shape and size can use the service, Dashlane is initially partnering with the cyber insurance ecosystem of carriers, brokers, and breach response specialists to provide Password Defense Alert. Dashlane’s 24/7 breach monitoring service notifies users the instant an account or password is compromised. The service enables users to fix both at-risk accounts and compromised passwords with one click to safeguard their accounts against future risks.

Once installed, Dashlane enables account holders to quickly import their passwords into a secure, encrypted vault that is only accessible by the account holder. Dashlane’s Password Defense Alert coaches the account holder on how they can easily update at-risk passwords that are weak, old, or reused for several accounts. Multiple passwords can be changed at the same time by using Dashlane’s exclusive single-click Password Changer. Dashlane also automatically logs in users from all of their devices using industry leading web analysis for high predictive accuracy.  This means passwords are strong, secure, and never forgotten by the account holder.

More and more business security experts recommend the features of Dashlane Password Defense Alert as a post-breach remediation, as well as a way to help prevent future data incidents. The industry-leading features of Dashlane’s Password Defense Alert include:

  • Easy Onboarding – Dashlane’s consumer-friendly onboarding guides users through the process of installation, importing and strengthening old passwords, and enabling auto-login via the most popular browsers. This simple setup process makes consumers more productive and more secure in a matter of minutes.
  • Automatic Password Changer – Users select the passwords they want to change, and Dashlane automatically changes them in a click. The new strong and unique Dashlane-generated password is automatically and securely synced across all their devices – a process that used to take hours now takes mere seconds.
  • Password Health Dashboard – Improving password health is made easy through a simple scoring of your passwords to avoid weak, reused, old, or compromised passwords. Account holders click on the poor passwords to quickly change them and instantly improve their score.
  • Secure Password Generator – Users never have to reuse passwords after they generate strong, unique passwords for all of their online accounts. Password Generator will even craft random passwords on the webpage when creating new accounts or resetting passwords.
  • Compromised Site Alerts – Get security alerts sent straight to your device when any of your accounts may be compromised, then change the password quickly, as easily as a single tap in many cases.

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Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, states:

It’s long been recognized by those familiar with breaches that password managers are the best first line of defense. We are happy to work with the largest carriers in the world, along with the ecosystem of breach response specialists to help those affected by a data incident.  They deserve a service like Dashlane that can quickly secure their accounts with unique, strong passwords.

This is a really important new channel for our core product. Throughout 2016 Dashlane will be making investments in our monitoring service, rolling out seamless account setup and onboarding for corporate customers while massively expanding our unrivaled Password Changer feature to be compatible with over 1,000 websites in 2016. No product on the market makes it easier for someone to manage, change, and protect their passwords.

John Mullen, Chair of the Data Privacy and Network Security Practice, Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard, & Smith LLC states:

Dashlane’s Password Defense Alert helps fulfill consumers’ need to protect themselves after a data incident. It’s a terrific tool for insureds to demonstrate that they care about the cyber health of their customers.

Dashlane makes identity and payments simple with its password manager and secure digital wallet app. Dashlane allows its users to securely manage passwords, credit cards, IDs, and other important information via advanced encryption and local storage. Dashlane has helped over 3.8 million users manage and secure their digital identity, and has enabled over $4.5 billion in e-commerce transactions.

The app is available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, and has won critical acclaim from top publications, including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. The company has offices in New York City and Paris, and has received $30 million in funding from Rho Ventures, FirstMark Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Learn more at Dashlane.com