Data Center Failures Disable BBC Web Presence

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – People visiting the BBC’s website on Wednesday night may have found parts of it not functioning properly.  The problems were the result of a failure at the broadcasting corporation’s data centers, according to a report from the BBC itself.

Richard Cooper of the BBC took to the company’s blog to detail the error. “As some of you will have noticed, we suffered a major failure of BBC Online last night. The site started to fail at 20:10, and by 20:25 was completely down. It stayed down until 21:10, when it started to recover, and by 21:30 the site was back. Some of you may then have experienced problems accessing some pages between 21:55 and 22:10 as we restored full resilience, and from 22:10 onwards we were back to full operation,” commented Cooper.

The data center failures were blamed on traffic managers, part of the facilities’ infrastructures. That hardware is used to route incoming website traffic to the BBC’s web presence. Meanwhile, a further investigation by the BBC is currently underway.

The BBC’s report regarding the matter noted that a previous website failure occurred in March of last year. As a public broadcaster, the BBC is a highly regarded source of news worldwide. Aside from an online presence, the broadcasting company operates both television and radio stations.