Need to Mount Antennas? ColoGuard Answers

(Ping! Zine  Web Hosting Magazine) –  Direct fiber networks: Do you happen to be looking to connect to one in the area of colocation? If so, colocation provider ColoGuard has an answer.

Just recently, the company discussed the ability to mount antennas and satellites via their data centers in New York & New Jersey. Having that ability can not only offer access to fiber, but can also deal with disaster recovery, and relaying video signals, according to ColoGuard.

So exactly how much room does the company have to offer in the area of antenna mounting? The company says it has room for forty thousand square feet.

And the company has a hassle way to do it. Commenting in a company press release, ColoGuard VP Ruben Magurdumov stated, “Many data centers also require customers to negotiate with building owners before installing equipment.”

“Customers can rest assured that their equipment will get installed without having to navigate through layers of red tape,” Magurdumov continued.

Just last month, the colocation provider revealed that it was allowing compatibility with co-coloation provider Sidera Networks. For more information on the ColoGuard’s rooftop mounting, view a press release here (