DDoS Attack Brings Down Moneybookers

(Ping! Zine) –  In a report released today by Netcraft, Moneybrokers.com is the latest website to be DDos attacked in the ongoing attacks releated to WikiLeaks.

The attack was set to start at 9:20 GMT Friday morning. Although the site initially did not show any signs of the attack, it eventually succumbed around 11:00 GMT.

It was reported that Operation Payback claimed responsibility for the attacks on their Twitter stream.

Moneybookers.com was the site that previously collected donations for WikiLeaks. However, Moneybookers recently shut down the controversial site’s account after it was put on the US watchlist and blacklisted by Australia.

Netcraft has posted real-time performance graphs for www.moneybookers.com and several other WikiLeaks related attack sites. The sites can be monitored at http://uptime.netcraft.com/perf/reports/performance/wikileaks