DDoS Strikes Swedish GOV Websites Following PRQ Raid

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Coincidentally following a raid by Swedish authorities on web host PRQ, two of the country’s government websites experienced downtime from DDoS attacks, reported the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Affected web presences included websites for the country’s National Board of Health and Welfare and the Court Administration.

On Monday, Forbes reported that the web host, otherwise known as PeRioQuito, had been raided by police in the country who pulled servers used to operate controversial online presences including WikiLeaks and BitTorrent-based site the Pirate Bay.

Notorious hacking group Anonymous, meanwhile, has taken responsibility for the website attacks, citing “repercussions” related to the raids on the web host.

The AP also noted that the attacks included leaving “links to a foul message” on one of the websites. Anonymous is known to retaliate to actions it finds unjust. PRQ, meanwhile, is known to host a number of top controversial websites.