DDoS Keeps Pressure on Bitcoin Providers

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – DDoS appears to be rattling the plans of one of the most noteworthy bitcoin providers.

According to a Thursday report from Ars Technica, Mt.Gox has temporarily shelved plans to add the new currency Litecoin to its portfolio.

The move arrives after the company experienced its third DDoS attack within a month’s time on Sunday.

“This again appears to be another strong DDos attack. We are working hard to overcome it and will update when possible. It’s currently 2am in Japan so please forgive us if our Facebook/Twitter updates are not as quick, though the team is certainly not taking any breaks. We’re very much looking forward to implementing a much stronger solution very soon and will make an announcement to that effect once it’s in place,” commented the company following the attack.

Bitcoin providers have been increasingly facing the wrath of DDoS attackers for some time now. Another company, Instawallet, indefinitely shut down its services after also facing downtime from a recent attack.