DDoS Threats Force Website to Transfer to New Registrar

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – DDoS attacks remain a pesky threat for website administrators and are being increasingly used by cyber criminals with political motives.

Most recently, domain registrar Name.com gave into the demands of attackers when it asked one of its hosted sites to transfer to another web host following the threat of continued DDoS attacks from an unknown source.

According to a post on name.com’s blog last Friday, attackers demanded that the domain registrar remove boxun.com. Boxun.com previously covered the political scandal of Chinese politician Bo Xiai. Xiai’s wife was allegedly suspected in the death of Neil Heywood, a British businessman.

Shortly following the DDoS threat, an attack took place on Name.com’s the site’s nameservers. “We immediately reached out to our customer, the domain owner of boxun.com, and explained the situation. We discussed with them what options were available that were in the best interest of both parties,” stated the web host in a blog post.

The blog continued, “Unfortunately, we did not believe that Name.com could keep both the boxun.com website and the other 1.5 million domains under our management online at the same time, so we requested the domain owner transfer boxun.com to another registrar of their choice.”

The owners of boxun.com complied and with Name.com’s help, the website was successfully transferred to that of another registrar.

A report from British news source The Guardian said Boxun.com owner Waston Meng thought the attacks may have originated from government sources in China. DDoS attacks have been used as a common tactic from hacking groups including Anonymous.