Dedicated Servers: An Ideal Choice for Online Retailers

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Uptime is an essential factor for any website but most especially for sites that engage in Ecommerce. There’s a potential that a web page might “crash” and become unavailable for a few moments and this could be due to a number of reasons. This downtime can equate to lost income, irate clients and other customer-related issues.

People who rely heavily on the use of the internet will want their information fast and easy. And if they can’t get it on your site due to unavailability, there’s a great chance that they will find other websites that can immediately answer their needs.

For retailers who are planning to engage in online business, the best option is to host your site with dedicated servers. It may cost a little extra but consider it as an investment that pays for itself. With the benefits and convenience that it provides, your business becomes more stable and its presence online is stronger. Ask yourself: would you go for a cheap web host that is unreliable or spend a little on a dedicated server that will provide you with peace of mind?

One thing to point out about dedicated servers is reliability. Compared to shared web hosting, a dedicated server means that you are not “sharing” any disk space and bandwidth with other websites. This eliminates the usual downtime that normally occurs when you have a high traffic site under a shared hosting environment.

Since the server will only host your site or other sites that belongs to you company as well, the risk of becoming susceptible to online security threats becomes lower. Websites under shared hosting are more prone to security beach due to bad coding and mediocre quality of security features that hackers can easily figure out and decode. Dedicated servers use tight security measures. Routine maintenance and software updates are also closely monitored. This means that any problems can be easily detected and resolved.

With a dedicated server, all the hosting features and resources are solely for you website’s use. Having full access to these along with a bandwidth that is not shared improves the loading time of your site. No need to wait until all the images and flash videos are available. Remember that time is very important for any online retailer. A few seconds can either make or break your company.

Management of the entire system also becomes easier with dedicated servers. From inventory, point-of-sale and other forms of data transfers, it can be customized in order to meet the company’s demands.

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