Dell Optimizes GameString Arcade Technology with Cloud Hardware

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – GameString and Dell  are pleased to announce a partnership to supply advanced cloud computer hardware to optimize the hosting environment for GameString’s new Arcade Server. Dell’s advanced server systems provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for game developers looking to implement GameString’s game delivery software. The GameString Arcade Server will ship preinstalled on Dell hardware to developers interested in deploying cloud-based games.

One of the first markets to be covered will be Unity Technologies’ games as per the press release on February 23, 2011. By leveraging the computational muscle available in the new Dell cloud computer hardware, high quality games built in Unity will be able to be delivered in streaming format to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones on demand through the web.

“Cloud gaming is clearly reaching a tipping point where games will be streamed and played much like music on Spotify or movies on Netflix,” said Conor Duffy, Enterprise Solutions Consultant at Dell. “The GameString Arcade Server is the optimal solution for cost-effective streaming, providing the ability to simultaneously run multiple live games on a single server. GameString’s Dual Mode system is the key to this optimization while also providing the development flexibility to take smart phone gaming to the next level.”

“Dell has also identified cloud gaming as a massive market opportunity, and their vision and expertise in this space makes them an ideal hardware partner for the most advanced media delivery system on the market,” said GameString CEO Chris Boothroyd. He added, “Dell has specialized hardware configured specifically for cloud gaming and will provide our clients with optimal performance. We’ll be tuning the Arcade source code to leverage every CPU/GPU cycle they have, resulting in affordable, purpose-focused servers that can entertain multiple concurrent AAA-quality 3D games and optimize revenue generation opportunities for the operators. We are leveraging significant new technologies to make all this happen. It’s a very exciting time to be in cloud gaming, and this alliance is one to watch.”