DemoWolf Acquires,

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – DemoWolf has just announced the acquisition of competitor (DemoDemo) is a direct competitor to DemoWolf, offering Flash-based support tutorials to hosting companies. Starting in 2002, DemoDemo was in fact the first company to offer a “re-branding” service, whereby they created sets (or series) of multiple tutorials for specific hosting applications, and offered to re-brand them for any hosting company that purchased them. Hosting companies would then place these “branded” Flash tutorials on their websites… usually in their support pages… and their clients would have the ability to watch videos showing them how to do common tasks within their hosting control panels. Because these tutorials could be sold many times over, DemoDemo was able to offer them at a substantial discount to what it would normally cost a hosting company to develop them in-house. DemoDemo videos are simple, concise, and to-the-point.

“With this acquisition, there’s no question we are the dominant player in the hosting tutorials market” says Rob Moore, founder and President of DemoWolf. “Now we must refocus our efforts to producing newer tutorials so our clients continue to see us as their partners in support… providing tutorials for the latest hosting-related technologies.”

DemoWolf was started in 2005 with the goal of becoming the #1 provider of support tutorials for hosting companies. With a current library of over 5,300 video tutorials (compared to DemoDemo’s 2,000), and providing tutorials not only in Flash format but the increasingly popular video (MP4) format and “text with images” format, DemoWolf has become the clear choice for up-to-date and quality tutorials for hosting companies.

“Our focus has been on making quality tutorials, providing superb customer service, and automation” says Rob Moore, Founder and President of DemoWolf. “With the introduction of professional voice narration, and developing a tutorial branding system that is completely automated and controlled by our clients, DemoWolf provides additional services that were unavailable to DemoDemo clients… until now.”

DemoWolf’s tutorials are different than DemoDemo’s in that they are offered in “Voice” versions… Flash video tutorials that include professional voice narration for a cleaner more professional experience for the viewer. In addition, DemoWolf offers all their tutorials in Flash, Video (MP4) and Text formats, whereas DemoDemo currently only offers the Flash format.

It is not clear yet how DemoDemo will be integrated into DemoWolf’s plans moving forward, but for the time being both will continue to operate as separate business entities. DemoDemo’s former owner Vito Ceniti will be providing consulting services to both DemoWolf and DemoDemo, so will remain fairly close to the company he started.

In addition to acquiring DemoDemo, DemoWolf has also acquired the domain name Specific plans for have not yet been disclosed.

This is not the first time DemoWolf has acquired a competitor. In 2008 DemoWolf acquired two separate companies, and, both of which have since been integrated into DemoWolf.

For more information, you may contact DemoWolf by visiting their website at, or by calling 1-902-225-7459. Live Chat is also available from the website.