DemoWolf Announces “Custom Tutorial Center”

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – After several months of development and testing, DemoWolf is announcing the availability of a new tool, the “Custom Tutorial Center”.

The Custom Tutorial Center is designed to streamline the process of having custom tutorials produced for online businesses. Clients can use the Custom Tutorial Center to upload the content they want in their custom tutorials, which may include scripts, background images, scenes, special instructions and even sound clips. Clients can upload as much or as little information as they want, for example, they do not have to upload background images if their instructions instead provide us with URLs to record the screenshots ourselves.

At the heart of the Custom Tutorial Center is the “Scene Editor”. Tutorials are made up of different “scenes” and clients can define what is to be displayed in each scene using the scene editor. Add and organize notes, upload images, and provide additional instructions like where to show clicking, typing or what areas to highlight. All these can be done for every scene, and you can add or remove as many scenes as you want for each tutorial.

“We are extremely excited to finally roll out the new Custom Tutorial Center”, says Rob Moore, founder and president of DemoWolf. “By using this new tool, clients will be able to have DemoWolf produce custom tutorials for them at a fraction of the cost as in the past. Now you can have a custom tutorial in Flash or Video format produced for less than $100 instead of $400 or $500. These savings are huge, especially if you’re wanting several custom tutorials.”

The Custom Tutorial Center will basically allow clients to almost build their tutorials themselves, and when ready, submit them for final production by DemoWolf Tutorial Developers.

The ultimate goal of developing the Custom Tutorial Center was to provide DemoWolf clients with a less expensive option in developing custom tutorials. By using this new tool to pre-populate much of the content and deliver instructions to DemoWolf in this streamlined and consistent manner, the costs of production will be reduced significantly… savings which are being passed on to the client.

Existing clients can start using the Custom Tutorial Center immediately by logging into their existing DemoWolf account. New clients will have to sign up for a DemoWolf account first (which is free to do)… instructions for which are included on their website. Once logged in, clients can immediately start building out their tutorials using the scene editor, and organizing multiple tutorials in “Jobs”.

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DemoWolf is a Nova Scotia, Canada based internet company, having been in business since 2005. DemoWolf provides ready-made rebrandable tutorials for the web hosting industry, and is also a production house for custom tutorials for any industry. For more information, go to, or contact DemoWolf directly either by email, live chat or telephone.