DemoWolf Launches Partner Program

(Ping! Zine) – DemoWolf has officially launched its new “Partner Program”, giving companies an easy and incredibly affordable way to provide custom branded Hosting Tutorials to their customers. Companies in the hosting industry can now offer entire tutorial series for as little as $1.99/month, making it easy to bundle them with their own services.
A complete description of the Partner Program, it’s benefits and how it works can be found here:
Complete Partner Pricing can be found in this table:
The DemoWolf Partner Program is not a reseller program where resellers earn a commission referring customers to us. Instead, it is a program whereby companies who want to provide branded tutorials to their customers can do so without having to actually create the tutorials themselves, or worry about paying DemoWolf each time they get a tutorial order or request. DemoWolf Partners simply send us their “Requests” for hosting tutorials on behalf of their customers, and we take care of the rest, including providing technical support directly to your customers should they require it.
Save up to 80% off DemoWolf’s Tutorial Subscription service
Although the Program gives Partners between 70% and 80% off all DemoWolf tutorial purchases AND subscriptions, it is the subscription model where the real power of this Program is realized. Because they are charged as little as $1.99 for entire tutorial series, companies could decide to offer our tutorials for FREE, bundled with their own services. With this model, it now becomes very easy for companies who already offer their services on a monthly basis, to include DemoWolf tutorials with their service offerings. As long as the company already sells to the hosting industry, including DemoWolf tutorials with their services can be a great value-added service.
Remember too, that for $1.99/month you are giving your customers complete access to our tutorial subscription system, meaning they can upload their own logo, chose their own tutorials, make changes to their tutorial selections, and generate and download the tutorials themselves. Any time they change the tutorials they want to display, those changes take effect immediately on their websites.
More about the DemoWolf Subscription Service can be found here:
Here are some examples:
Control Panel companies – can bundle our tutorials with their control panels for as little $1.99/month.
Dedicated Server companies – can bundle our tutorials with their servers for $1.99/month.
Web Hosting companies – who offer reseller or VPS plans can bundle our tutorials with their plans for $1.99/month.

Again remember, that $1.99 is the Partner’s cost, and it is not necessary to pass that along to the end-user. It may be better to simply include our tutorials as a free addon service… but that decision is totally up to the Partner.
When you sign up for the DemoWolf Partner Program, you are securing a discount on future tutorial requests of between 70% and 80% off our prices… including all subscription prices. Each time you sign up one of your customers for tutorials, we’ll deduct YOUR COST from your Partner Balance… so you never have to pay for tutorial requests when you make those requests. Instead, you prepay an account balance which we then draw from. When you sign a customer up for a tutorial subscription, we will draw the monthly cost of that subscription from your Partner Balance on a monthly basis, and keep you updated with request confirmations and monthly reports.
Partner with the Industry’s #1 Hosting Tutorial Provider
DemoWolf is by far the industry’s largest provider of custom branded hosting tutorials, with thousands of satisfied customers, and an inventory of over 4,200 hosting tutorials to choose from. No other tutorial producer can match DemoWolf’s quality of production, service and selection of tutorials. We are the provider of choice in the hosting industry, and have been producing tutorials for hosting companies since 2005.

Companies wishing to partner with DemoWolf will be partnering with an industry leader, and will benefit from the increased exposure received through our media channels. Some companies who have already partnered with us include Parallels, SingleHop, OpenProvider, Beachcomber and WHMCS to name but a few.
The hosting industry is moving more and more towards bundled services, which is nothing new. But providing more and better services to your customers… particularly services they can really use and benefit from… will strengthen your relationship with your customers. If you do not provide all the services they want, they will get them elsewhere. If your customers want custom branded hosting tutorials (which most hosting companies do) and you’re not providing them, then they’ll get them elsewhere. As of now, elsewhere means directly from DemoWolf, or from one of our growing list of partners… and that may include your competitors!
Become a DemoWolf Partner today! Your customers will thank you for it!!
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