DemoWolf Releases Apple Mail Tutorials

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – DemoWolf has just released the first brandable hosting tutorials available for the Mac… two series covering how to setup and configure email accounts in Apple (Mac) Mail.

Available as a one-time purchase, or as part of a subscription to the DemoWolf tutorial system, these new Mac-based tutorials are a must have for hosting companies who count Mac-based clients among their customer base. Until now, there have not been any Mac-based tutorials available to hosting companies.

This brings the total number of tutorials available to hosting companies from DemoWolf to over 4,800, covering everything from how to use the more popular hosting control panels, using FTP programs and setting up DNS settings with popular registrars, setting up email accounts, to non-hosting related tutorials covering such things as PayPal, web design, using PhotoShop and countless others applications. For a complete list of available tutorials, go to

When web hosts purchase tutorials from DemoWolf, they must also upload their company logo to their DemoWolf account as it will be embedded at the beginning and end of every tutorial purchased. That way the host can make these tutorials available to their customers on their website, making it look like they produced the tutorials. All this for a fraction of the cost of actually producing the tutorials themselves, and tutorials will be ready for downloading within minutes of purchase.

DemoWolf has been in the business of producing video tutorials for hosting companies for over 5 years, and is continually producing new and updated tutorial series. They’ve also recently launched a new Partner Program allowing other hosting providers to offer DemoWolf tutorials to their customers, and a subscription system whereby companies can subscribe to the tutorial service on a monthly basis.

For More information, you may contact DemoWolf directly at or by email at [email protected], or by phone 1-902-225-7459.