Descriptive Domain Endings – What Web Visitors Can Expect

Descriptive Domain Endings - What Web Visitors Can Expect(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When choosing a domain name there are a few best practices to keep in mind. Most companies choose the widely searched for and popular .COM, but depending on your business and preferred domain name a different ending may be a better choice. The domain extension you choose for your business website can be a powerful marketing tool to help visitors to better understand the purpose of your website. Here is a breakdown of common top-level domains (TLDs) and what they could mean for your business:

.COM was originally created to mean “commercial” and was intended to imply that the website operates for a commercial purpose. However, due to little regulation and widespread use of .COM, the TLD no longer conveys any specific meaning. .COM is the most common TLD. With over 100 million .COMs already registered, it’s often difficult for companies to register their preferred domain name with a .COM extension.

.CO – Because it is short and relatively new, .CO domains are often available in their preferred versions. The .CO suffix is associated with terms such as “COmmerce,” ‘”COmpany,” “COrporation,” and “COmmunity.” A .CO is a great choice if your website represents any of these categories.

.NET – The .NET extension is the second most popular domain ending with over 15 million registrations. This TLD is often associated with “network,” “computer,” or “internet” topics. It is typically used by more tech savvy businesses and thus that brand perception can be associated with your company if a .NET address is chosen.

.ORG is the third most popular TLD with over 10 million registrations. A .ORG address is recommended if your website represents an organization, non-profit, or a club.

.INFO – The .INFO suffix is best used for informational websites. If your website is a valuable resource for information on a specific topic, then a .INFO domain is probably the best choice.

Websites using the .BIZ extension are typically eCommerce sites. If your website’s primary function is to provide a platform for selling goods and services online, then a .BIZ is a good investment. Especially for small businesses, a .BIZ domain provides additional credibility.

Geographic TLDs, such as .US, .CA, and .MX, show that your business is operating in a specific region. These domains are ideal for individuals and companies that want to project a strong presence in one country or geographical location. Soon even more geographic TLDs will be available with the introduction of city-based TLDs like .Vegas, .NYC, .Boston, and more.

New TLDs – The internet landscape is quickly changing and soon over 700 new TLDs will be available. In addition to the new geographic options, the new TLDs will provide extensions for all areas and industries including business, travel, sport, hobby, community, religion, shopping, food and drink. These new TLDs allow a new opportunity for you to brand your website even better by registering your preferred domain with an extension that explains exactly what your business does. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. Instead of, your website could be Your.Restaurant. See all the new TLDs and pre-reserve yours for free, without obligation, at

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