Despite Resume Controversy, Cancer a Reason for CEO’s Departure from Yahoo!

(Ping! Zine) – Woes continue for Internet giant and pioneer Yahoo. Just half a year removed of removing former CEO Carol Bartz, her successor, Scott Thompson is now gone from the company amid controversy.

Thompson’s tenure at the Internet search giant initially became rocky when it was discovered that his resume included some falsified information such as a college degree he never received. While Thompson did attend Stonehill College and was credited with a Bachelor’s in accounting, he never obtained a computer science degree as detailed in his resume.

In recent days, Yahoo! had attempted damage control, blaming the information on a simple mistake. While that issue initially seemed to be the primary reason behind Thompson’s departure, a new report from the Wall Street Journal on Monday indicated that Thompson leaving the company occurred after he informed Yahoo!’s board of directors that he had thyroid cancer.

Upon assuming the post of chief executive officer in January, Thompson had been hailed for his previous high profile position as President of PayPal, notably operated by eBay. One of his key moves during his shortened tenure included the laying off of two thousand Yahoo! employees just last month.

Yahoo! has attempted a company restructuring in recent years as its formidability has diminished due to the increasing popular on other online services operated by Google. Among Yahoo!’s most popular services are the company’s email platform, its news service and search engine.