Determining the Amount of Disk Space and Bandwidth for your Website

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Web hosting is an important feature if you are about to launch a website and the first question to ask is this: how much disk space and bandwidth would you need? These two things are very important to ensure that your website is easily accessible to internet users. In today’s modern internet technology, websites should be able to cater to prospective clients with less to no downtime at all. Having the right amount of disk space and bandwidth to accommodate the content will provide your site with an efficient and quality performance.

How do you determine the size of disk space and bandwidth that is right for your website? The first thing to consider is the type of content that will be present on the site. Will it be just plain text? Are you planning to have images and flash videos as well? All these details play a role in determining disk space and bandwidth. Most web hosting companies offer a variety of hosting packages that provides a wide range of bandwidth and storage. If you think that more content will be added as you go along, it will ideal to sign up for a package that provides an expandable disk space and bandwidth.

The size and the popularity of a website can also help in determining if you need a bigger storage. You might find companies that offer 500 megabytes and another one that offers up to 1 gigabyte with only a slight difference in pricing. Do not easily jump into what may seem as the best offer, look closely and see if they actually deliver the performance that they promise. The quality of service of the web host company should also be taken into consideration.

In common practice, storage of about 2MB is sufficient for websites with about ten pages and about five images. This means that you might need an additional storage if you have more web pages and thinking of adding more images and videos. In choosing the right bandwidth, also look at the amount of data transfer of your website. A busy data transfer activity would require a bigger bandwidth so that technical issues and downtime will be prevented.

If you are planning to launch a website with a very limited budget when it comes to web hosting, it will be best to start with a simple site with less images and videos but filled with pertinent information. You can add the other features as you go along, once the site starts to get web traffic.

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