Developer Talks Mac Pro Testing at Apple’s Secret Lab

macpro(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Before its unveiling at WWDC, tech giant Apple provided access to the Mac Pro for a third-party developer.

The Foundry, a company which offers painting tools used in films like The Avengers and Avatar, recently announced the availability of its software known as “MARI” for Mac.

Access to Apple’s super-secretive “evil lab” was granted for the company to work on expanded compatibility.

“We were essentially doing a blind tasting of the machine,” commented MARI product manager Jack Greasley, according to a report from Apple Insider.

He continued, “All we could see was the monitor, and the Mac Pro was encased in a giant metal filing cabinet on wheels. Experiencing the machine in this way was actually really cool, because I can tell you that the speed and power of this machine really stands up. Mari running on this machine out of the box is the fastest I have ever seen it run.”

The Mac Pro introduces an entirely new design for the Apple computer – a device that’s much smaller, circular and bases its design around a unified thermal core for cooling.