Diablo 3 Arcade Cabinet Unveiled by Engineer

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Pulling the hand off the mouse and taking to an old-style arcade machine just got a heck of a lot more intriguing for players of popular hack and slash thriller Diablo 3. On Thursday, project creator and blogger Dave Niewinski unveiled an arcade cabinet sporting Diablo’s likeness, and most importantly the ability to play the game itself.

“I grew up playing Gauntlet on old-school arcade machines. They came out with other console versions later, but using the joystick and buttons was always my favourite,” explained Dave via his WordPress blog.

“When Diablo 3 was announced as coming out, the idea to make an arcade cabinet and controls for it just made sense,” he continued.

Dave originally announced that he had started work on the project just earlier this month, initially posting pictures of an assembled cabinet without the finished details and monitor. The cabinet itself was made from plywood. “I had the decals printed up and when they were put on, they took the shape of the wood grain so it looked as though they were painted on,” explained the engineer.

And while we might never see Diablo III cabinets popping up in our local arcades, surely this engineer’s design gives gaming enthusiasts inspiration to take to take their experience to the next level, even if it’s slightly altered from the way Blizzard imagined the game to be played. Check it out: