Diablo 3 Guide Details How to Reach Max Level in Two Days

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Following the success of its predecessors, Diablo III players take on the role of a hero to save the mythical world of Sanctuary from an invasion of demons. Many gamers are known to spend endless days and months in front of their computers, trying to level up their characters to become stronger and more powerful players; in fact, several cases of deaths have been reported from marathon gaming. Recently, a teenager in Taiwan died in an Internet café after a 40-hour Diablo 3 marathon. But with the latest blueprint from D3All Stars, marathons are not necessary anymore.

“Over the last decade, my team has dedicated most of their life to gaming, from Starcraft, World of Warcraft and now the Diablo series. We’ve spent thousands of hours on Diablo 3 alone… developing quicker ways to level up and complete the game,” shares Joe, part of the 5-member D3AllStars team who developed the Elite Blueprint to address the challenges new players are likely to face.

He believes that new players need not waste weeks and months in training a strong character. With a solid guide to follow, it will be very easy and very manageable. Beginners also tend to make mistakes in building their characters’ skill tree, resulting in characters that can easily be killed by the demons. Again, this will not be the case with the new blueprint.

“We know the exact strategies to dominate each mode, destroy every boss, raking cash from the real money auction house, arm yourself with legendary weapons, get the very best skill tree possible and reach max level 60 in record time,” Joe adds.

The D3AllStars Elite System Blueprint features several modules, including speed leveling videos that teach players how to reach the maximum level of 60 for any class of character within two days. Players will be able to learn the best item and skill build to do so, avoiding the mistakes 99% of players make which results in a much longer time to complete the game.

Players can expect to build a character strong enough that they can defeat the ultimate boss, Diablo himself, in three minutes. The D3AllStars Elite System Blueprint includes texts, diagrams and videos that ensure its comprehensiveness to walk through even the newest player.

“Developed by an elite team of world class games… our system is 100% legit… nothing to get your account possibly banned,” explains Joe who says his team has spent thousands of hours to figure out the right strategies to use so that others do not have to go through the same to enjoy the game.

Besides a 60-day money back guarantee, the team also promises to offer continuous product support, even when the developers introduce patches and upgrades.

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