Diablo 3 Secrets: Endgame Item Farming

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Diablo 3 is a vastly different game than its predecessor, Diablo II. One of the major changes that Blizzard has put into place in Diablo 3 is the way players acquire the best endgame gear for their classes. Everyone is familiar with the auction house system and how much easier it has made getting the gear they need in Diablo 3. In Diablo 2 players had to join games and try to trade for the things they needed, which was very hit or miss. The auction house provides a stable and secure way to get the things players want, without risk of being scammed or wasting a lot of time trying to find who actually has the items one is looking for. This is not the only big change Blizzard has put forth in terms of equipping yourself with the best gear possible, however. In this new installment of the Diablo series, Blizzard has changed the very methods players use for finding the best endgame gear.

In Diablo 2, players would perform “boss runs” to get the best gear. They would load up on magic find gear and head straight to certain act bosses, kill the bosses, take the loot, and start up a new game repeating the process. This was an endless cycle for players who had beaten the final difficulty of Diablo 2, and made the game feel very limited and dry after a while. Blizzard has attempted to combat this issue within Diablo 3 in two main ways. Firstly, players cannot simply take a waypoint and be right near an act boss. If one enters a game on the quest to fight the final boss of an act, they must still battle their way to the boss, often times completing other small quests along the way first. In addition to this, Blizzard has also created a new system of item farming based around the “Nephalem Valor” buff. This buff is applied to a character any time that character defeats a group of champion mobs or a rare mob and its minions. The buff currently stacks up to 5 times and gives 15% magic find and 15% extra gold find per time the buff is applied to a character. The buff lasts for 30 minutes or until you change skills or leave the game. The timer on the buff refreshes each time another stack is applied. The buff also guarantees that if you kill an act’s final boss it will drop one additional treasure per time the buff is stacked on your character. Due to this setup it is much more beneficial for players to clear areas and load up on Nephalem Valor stacks before heading into an act’s final confrontation. In this way players will have the best chance at getting the most epic endgame items.

The Nephalem Valor system is viewed by most players as a welcome change. It ensures the game won’t become a stale repetitive grind at the end. Players can pick their favorite area and play through it, earning stacks of the Nephalem Valor buff while making their way towards the boss and earning some much deserved epic treasure. The buff system is being carefully monitored by Blizzard and changes will be made as they see fit, but as of right now the system is exciting and definitely worth checking out.

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