Diablo 3 Secrets: Incoming Balance Changes

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Blizzard has recently unveiled their plans for Diablo 3’s first balancing patch. The patch, 1.0.3, does not have a set arrival date yet. Blizzard has released the goals of the changes the patch will bring to the game, however. The patch will not focus heavily on nerfing or buffing any particular class, though some minor buffs or nerfs may be included. Instead, Blizzard will focus their efforts on a few major all-encompassing issues within the game. The upcoming patch will rework the difficulty level of the Inferno setting, lower the hefty price of using your artisans, and add more clarification to gear pieces.

As it stands now, the Inferno setting for Diablo 3 is incredibly difficult. Players are having trouble moving through it, dying in one hit to enemies even in good endgame gear. Blizzard is aware of this and is planning to take steps towards making Inferno more manageable. Their solution involves removing the feeling of high damage “spikes” from enemies, instead making their damage more consistent over time. They do not want players to have to stack purely defensive items in order to survive in Inferno. Reps at Blizzard have also mentioned that they want to make sure all classes are viable in Inferno, so some classes may in fact be getting small buffs when this patch hits.

Blizzard is also planning to change the way artisans work on Diablo 3. Their goal is to make the blacksmith a viable way to upgrade a player’s equipment, as well as making upgrading gems through the jewel crafter actually worth the price. The blacksmith will have his prices reduced greatly, so that players will be more willing to part with their precious gold for the random stat rare items he is able to generate. The jewel crafter, who in his current state is completely unusable, will be receiving two changes. First, the prices for his services will drop drastically. Second, combining gems will only cost two gems now instead of three. These changes will make both artisans much more usable.

Lastly, Blizzard plans to institute a few changes that will clarify why some level 60 equipment is better than other level 60 equipment. They plan on adding a gear level to all items in the game, similar to the item level of gear in World of Warcraft. Players are complaining on forums about how some rare gear is better than legendary or set gear at level 60, and these gear levels will help explain how this might be possible. Blizzard also plans to buff the endgame gear sets, but this will not happen until patch 1.1.0, which is also rumored to be the PvP patch.

Blizzard’s balancing patch will bring some much needed changes into their game. They are addressing many of the players’ major complaints by specifically targeting the most pressing issues players have with their game.

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