Diablo 3 Secrets: Surviving Inferno as a Barbarian

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Blizzard has recently admitted that barbarians are weaker than the other classes when it comes to surviving the harder difficulties of Diablo 3. The ridiculously high damage of Inferno Difficulty mobs is too much for a barbarian to handle. The class is meant to be able to absorb damage and “tank” mobs, but in Inferno barbarians are spending the vast majority of their time dying in one or two hits. Other classes are having more success because they do not have to operate within melee range of these overpowered monsters. Monks also fare better than barbarians because their mechanic relies on completely dodging damage, not attempting to absorb it.

There are a few tricks and tips a barbarian can utilize to survive in Inferno, though. Picking the right gear for the task is an absolute must. Bringing in the correct skills and utilizing them at the proper time can also be highly beneficial to barbarians once they reach Inferno. Blizzard did not intend for any one particular build or gear set up to be the “best” choice for any class, but as the game stands right now, barbarians have little freedom to sway from one certain path.

The barbarians who are having the most success in Inferno difficulty are all gearing up the same way. They focus on items which boost defensive stats, even at the cost of having little to no offensive power. Most are using shields and one handed weapons. Shields have incredible stats and the damage per second added by equipping a second weapon or 2-handed weapon just cannot make up for the sheer defensive powers of a good shield. When looking for quality gear, barbarians must remain defensively minded. Barbarians seek out items that add to vitality and all resistances, looking for strength as an ancillary stat. A good barbarian set up for starting out in Act I of inferno would be to have at least the following stats: Strength: 600-800, Vitality: 1100+, and Resistances: 350+ for each category. With these stats and proper gameplay a barbarian should be able to solo through act I of inferno.

Proper skill choice is also incredibly important for successfully navigating through Inferno. There are a few setups that will work, but one tried and true method involves bringing a lot of crowd controlling effects. A link to this build can be found here. This build attempts to keep enemies stunned as often as possible, and has Dreadnaught and Ignorance is Bliss runes to keep your health at a high level. Powering one’s way through Inferno will be an arduous task, but it is possible with this set up. It may be advisable to join public games and act as a meat shield for others, though, as that could speed things up.

Although the barbarian at its present state is weaker than the other classes, careful preparation and intelligent playing can remove some of this disadvantage. The barbarian is an entertaining class with a great story line, and players can find Inferno success with it if they plan ahead and follow these guidelines.

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