Diablo 3: Sure Fire Method for Selling Items in Auction House

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The auction house in Diablo 3 is an incredibly useful innovation. Players of all levels can search it for the exact items they need and instantly purchase them for use. The auction house has a myriad of features which make finding the exact item you need a snap. Players can easily input exact information to narrow their searches. For example, if you wanted a level 30-40 rare amulet that had dexterity, vitality, and a socket for less than 30,000 gold, you could define search parameters for those specifications and pull up a list of all available items. There are literally millions of items on the auction house, so chances are you will be able to find whatever you are looking for.

There are a few tricks and guidelines any player can follow to know whether or not an item is worth taking up one of your valuable auction house slots. Each account is only allowed 10 auction house slots, so players can’t waste time locking up these precious slots with items that either won’t sell or are not worth enough gold to lock up a slot.

When farming for items, players should take special note of certain items they discover, as they are highly valuable. Any items that contain a primary stat for a class and vitality are guaranteed to sell for a high rate. For example, boots with intelligence and vitality will sell for a much higher price than boots with intelligence and strength. Players without a healthy supply of vitality will not survive the harder difficulties of the game. Another important feature on items is whether or not they have sockets, and how many sockets they have. Low level items with useful stats and sockets can sell for a lot because gems do not have a particular level requirement to be installed in items. For example, a level 15 helm could hold the highest grade ruby in it, boosting a player’s experience gain per kill by an additional 31%. Players can also gain large boosts to their primary stats at low levels by using gems to socket other pieces of armor. Finally, items that contain primary class stats and either magic find or experience per kill will sell for a pretty penny.

If a player is diligent about knowing what items are valuable, he can make significantly more money than the average player. It is important to remember to always ensure items aren’t worth auctioning before selling them to a vendor.

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