Diablo Gold Secrets: The Auction House

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The auction house in Diablo 3 can easily be turned into a consistent, reliable source of income for players. With a little research and patience, players can use the auction house to their advantage. Buying items that are being sold for too low and reselling them at the standard price is a practice that can earn a player massive amounts of gold.

A lot of players who use the auction house fail to research how much the things they are selling are typically worth. Whether this is because they don’t know how to search for similar items or they simply do not care enough to be bothered with doing the research, these players are creating great money making opportunities for those with attention to detail. A lot of items, particularly rares due to their random stats, are placed on the auction house for prices shockingly lower than the average price for items containing the same stats. Smart players can take advantage of these mistakes to turn gigantic profits.

The best way to go about this is to begin by learning the market value of a few different rares. For example, one could look up rare level 40 rings that contain vitality, a main class stat such as strength, and magic find. Let’s assume these rings typically sell for 70,000 gold. If a player often searches these parameters he or she will undoubtedly run across amulets of this quality selling for much less at times. Buying out these items and then reselling them for the average price can turn huge profits. It is important to ensure the items you have chosen to research are higher value items. Look for items that contain a class’s primary stat and vitality. Magic find and sockets also greatly inflate the price of items. After doing some research players can easily discern which items will be of value in their endeavors.

As these business-minded players become more comfortable with the price ranges of items, they can add more and more searches to their standard repertoire. Continuously taking advantage of other player’s lack of knowledge when it comes to the proper pricing of items can be a very lucrative business for the more savvy Diablo 3 players.

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