Dish Network Avoids Blackout By Extending Contract Deadline With Time Warner

Dish Network Avoids Blackout By Extending Contract Deadline With Time Warner (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Dish Network and Time Warner have mutually decided to extend their contract by a couple of months in order to allow channels such as Turner Classic Movies, HLN, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network to stay on Dish’s service.

According to Gulf News, this news also extends to TNT and TBS’s contract, which was originally supposed to expire on December 5th, so that negotiations can continue.

“Content companies are starting to ask for rate increases that are substantial,” stated Nomura Securities media analyst Anthony DiClemente. “And distributors are trying to do an analysis based on the lesser of two evils: How do they keep all of these networks and pay higher fees? And if they don’t keep these channels, will they lose more subscribers?”

On October 21st, Dish “blackout” CNN and other Turner channels, which angered many customers. Turner accused Dish of “operating in a disruptive manner,” while Dish claimed Turner was “making unreasonable financial demands,” reports CNN.

The extension between both companies is mutually beneficial, as major sporting events such as NCAA March Madness and the NBA playoffs are scheduled to be televised within the next few months.

This extension between Dish and Time Warner will allow channels to be available until early 2015 or until a contract is reached.

Another extension was agreed upon last week, this time between Dish and CBS. Their contract was up Thursday, though thankfully they worked out a temporary agreement.