Disney: Club Penguin a “Safe Start to Social”

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Ever thought of MMO’ing Disney style? If so, the platform could be instead suitable for your kids.

It’s known Club Penguin; and its popularity is only getting larger.

For an internet that’s unfortunately growing with cyber bullying and other threats, it may just be worth considering. “We believe Club Penguin is a safe start to social,” stated Disney Interactive VP and GM Chris Heatherly in a recent report from All Things D.

Club Penguin helps those under 13 start social networking. It’s an age group that’s left out by Facebook’s 13+ only rule.

The game relies on a safe chat mechanism to filter out inappropriate content. 200 moderators for the social experience are also available to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

“Club Penguin is an ever-changing world where the possibilities to create, socialize, and play are literally endless (not literally, that’d be tough),” explains Club Penguin via its website. The title contains in-game activities such as mini-games, coin collecting and more.