Do New Microsoft Domains Point to an Xbox 8?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Could new domains for popular Windows creator Microsoft provide hints about the company’s next generation Xbox console? According to a recent report from, the company recently received the rights to web addresses including,,,, and

However, securing those domains was made possible by the National Arbitration Forum following a complaint by Microsoft against Chinese resident Cheng Juan. Juan previously had those domains registered in his name.

Is this a simple case of Microsoft protecting its intellectual property rights or prepping for some new highly anticipated product? Previous rumors have pointed towards the company’s next console being released under the name “Xbox 720.” However, such speculation is likely premature.

In a post appearing on MSNBC, gaming enthusiast Winda Benedetti commented that the inclusion of the number 8 in the domains may have to do with the company’s upcoming release of Windows 8, despite reports that it could pertain to the Xbox 360’s upcoming eighth anniversary and a rumor that the device could be name the “Xbox Infinity”.

A leaked 56-page document in June signaled that the next Xbox would include new features such as Blu-ray compatibility, a 6x performance increase and 3D glasses among many other new features. In the coming months, we can only expect the speculation on the console to increase.

Microsoft most recently made a bundled version of its gaming console available for just under $100 dollars. That offering is available through Microsoft Stores, BestBuy and select GameStop retailers. It’s includes Kinect but also requires a two year subscription to the company’s Xbox Live Gold offering, something that comes with a monthly fee of $14.99.