“Do Not Track” Set for Google Chrome

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Just as the U.S. government is stepping up its efforts to ensure privacy rights for online consumers, one of the Internet’s top entities has agreed to support a measure that gives the web user more control.

On Thursday, a report from Bloomberg indicated that Google had agreed to include a “Do Not Track” button on its Chrome web browser. The feature would go a long way towards limiting what user information third party advertisers could access.

“We’re pleased to join a broad industry agreement to respect the ‘do-not-track’ header in a consistent and meaningful way that offers users choice and clearly explained browser controls,” stated Google Senior Vice President of Advertising Susan Wojcicki in a statement made available through a Bloomberg news report.

The action by the world’s largest online search company took place around the same time that the Obama Administration outlined a “Privacy Bill of Rights” for consumers on Thursday.

Other companies including Mozilla and Microsoft had previously implemented the “Do Not Track” options into their web browsers and Apple is set to include it through the latest release of OS X. Google most recently faced criticism over user privacy following a report by the Wall Street Journal that indicated the company made use of Apple’s Safari web browser to track user data via cookies.