Launches Domain Search Browser

(Ping! Zine) –, a leading domain name registrar and web hosting company, today rolled out a helpful new feature for everyone who regularly searches for domain names. With this addition, becomes the first domain registrar to fully integrate domain search into popular web browsers. Now anyone can quickly search for domain names straight from their browser’s search bar without having to visit when they think of a great domain name.

The domain search browser integration works on all popular browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. To integrate the domain search into most browsers, users can visit and click on the “Add Domain Search to Browser” link located near the bottom of the homepage.

Once the domain search integration has been added to a browser, users can start searching for domains from the browser search bar by selecting the search and entering their desired domain name with or without an extension. To learn how to use the domain search in individual browsers, visit:

For more information visit: