Responds to Go Daddy “Elephant” Scandal

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – In response to recent controversial news about Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons sharing a video where he boasts about shooting and killing an African elephant, leading domain registrar and web hosting provider is offering Go Daddy customers a coupon to transfer their domain names to at sub-cost for $4.99/year. Parsons stands by his decision to kill the “problem elephant” to help feed hungry African villagers, but as many news outlets have reported, including CNN, it is unnecessary to kill elephants to feed the hungry. Instead of glorifying killing elephants, will donate to Heifer International which helps feed hungry African families.

Parsons posted the controversial video on March 14, 2011 on his Twitter account, @DrBobParsons, which showed him on vacation identifying and shooting elephants. After the video was released, it spread like wildfire in the social media world and became a trending topic on Twitter and Google Hot Topics as thousands of upset animal lovers voiced their disapproval. In addition to the video and news hitting all the major national news outlets, animal rights group PETA launched a boycott campaign against Go Daddy.

Now through Thursday, April 7, 2011, customers can use the coupon code FEEDAFRICA to transfer domain names to for a special below-cost price of $4.99/year per domain for the first 12 domains that are transferred. will also donate $1 for each coupon used to Heifer International, a non-profit organization dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty all over the world.